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Philippine Sustainability Month

The Philippine Sustainability Movement has curated a month-long series of events organized by Pristine Solutions and Services Inc., and Peterson and Control Union with topics focusing on Global and Philippine sustainable supply chains highlighting sustainable seafood, organic and integrated farming, seaweed products, food waste reduction, plastic reducing solutions, sustainable tourism, energy and water management, GHG monitoring and carbon footprint among others.

At its first year, the Philippine Sustainability Month aims to convene multiple stakeholders to share best practices, strengthen sustainability commitments, building capacity, multi-sectoral partnership and collaboration, and celebration.


To establish an open and dynamic platform for involved stakeholders to discuss the status and challenges for more sustainable products, bringing inspiring solutions for change in supply chains towards sustainability.

  • To establish an open and dynamic platform for involved stakeholders to discuss the status and challenges for more sustainable products, bringing inspiring solutions for change in supply chains, with focus on Sustainable Seafood, Seaweed Products, Plastic Reducing and Substituting Materials, Integrated and Organic Farming Systems, Food Waste Challenges, Sustainable Tourism Systems, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Climate Change, and Water and Energy Management
  • To increase awareness in public!
  • To create solution for the consumers!
  • To transform businesses!
  • To impact livelihoods

These topics will be aligned to existing hotel CSR and sustainability policies and program, to selected Sustainable Development Goals of UNDP, to the need for certifications in the Philippines, and to impact fund approaches. Especially the need for certifications will be one of the highlighted topics through the partnership between Control Union Singapore and Pristine Solutions Philippines.

The First Philippine Sustainability Month 2019 is an event series that will consist of large ballroom events, an International Sustainability Summit, working groups on roadmaps, cooking sessions, competitions, program presentations, match making events, press conferences and media outreach, etc. A module of sustainability training workshops will be an important part to increase the impact as driver for change.

An exciting month highlighting pressing topics to protect our oceans, environment and natural resources as well as solutions that can be brought through sustainable supply chains is ahead of us in the Philippines starting in Marriott Manila, August 26, 2019.


Peterson Control Union

Peterson and Control Union are family-owned and now operate in more than 70 countries employing more than 4,000 people. Peterson Control Union’s in-depth knowledge and experience covers all aspects of the supply chain in many industries including agriculture, energy, forestry, sustainability and textiles. Upholding its integrity is paramount to Peterson and Control Union.
Established in 1920 as a family owned inspection company for grain that was traded and transported on the rivers and canals of the Netherlands, Peterson has since grown to become the local, global expert for risk management and logistic solutions. Peterson’s scope of activities has expanded over the years, growing their product and service range to introduce the global oil and gas marketplace into their services. Peterson has provided integrated logistics services to the world’s leading players in the oil and gas exploration and production industry since 1968, delivering cost-effective and innovative supply chain solutions that meet the highest possible standards of safety to man and the environment.

Also originally developed for the agricultural sector, Control Union was established alongside four European partners. After acquiring full ownership, Control Union expanded its network by developing a thorough knowledge of commodities, its markets and specific client requirements.
Control Union is now made up of an international group of companies with specialties in independent, international cargo surveying and super-intending.
One of Peterson and Control Union’s greatest assets is its network of connected offices in more than 70 countries around the globe. With increased knowledge, a firm set of values and sustainable services, Peterson Control Union has grown from its initial operations in the Netherlands and spread out throughout world.

Pristine Solutions and Services Inc.

Pristine Solutions and Services Inc. is a Philippine company that focuses on building up sustainable supply chains, as it brings sustainable products into the markets and consults clients with services in the context of sustainability.

The company is partner of the Green Monday movement in Hong Kong, promoting Meatless Maondays to address the pressing issues of climate change impacts through the meat industry, and being the distributor of vegan products like Beyond Meat, Daiya and Omnipork.

The service scope includes certification consulting and road-to-market services, building up the access of small scale businesses to high end markets in Manila and to international clients. Pristine Solutions is the initiator and coordinator of The Philippine Sustainability Movement that has its event series The Philippine Sustainability Month 2019 (Manila, August 26 until end of September 2019).

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